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(phenylamino)naphthalene-1-methanol 229-851-8. 18.06. av H Thunman · 2018 · Citerat av 89 — Anthracene, 0.04, 100, 0.08 Figure 9 shows the levels of sulfur that originated from the H2S in the raw gas in the Chalmers gasifier integration strategies for the production of mixed alkenes, methanol or mixed alcohols. av M OLSSON · Citerat av 47 — Figure 9: Oats, wheat straw pellets and peat/wood pellets. chromatogram illustrates the selective ion monitoring of phenanthrene/anthracene (178) and.

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Add 3 molar  Abstract—Photoexcitation of a solution of anthracene-9-methanol derived esters at $386 nm in CH3CN/H2O (3:2 v/v) results in fluorescence emission in the  synthesized by slow evaporation technique from mixed solvent system of methanol with anthracene-9-carbaldehyde and 2-amino-2-methylpropane-1,3- diol. Synonym, 9-anthracene methanol, 9-anthracenemethanol, 9-anthrylcarbinol, 9- anthrylmethanol, 9-hydroxymethyl anthracene, 9-hydroxymethylanthracene,  Buy Anthracene-9,10-dipropionic acid disodium salt, CAS: 82767-90-6, item number: CDX-A0116-M010 from 3 - 9 business days* Soluble in methanol. 9-antryl methyl metacrylate is synthesized by reaction of 9-anthracene methanol and methcryloyl chloride in the peresence of Et3N in THF as solvent. After  reaction in water with anthracene-9-methanol and N-methylmaleimide (see below). This reaction demonstrates that a greener solvent might be used not only   Place 0.065g anthracene-9-methanol and 50mL water in a 100 mL RBF equipped with. stir bar.

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7,8. 9,1. 17. 9 (99).

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Molecular Formula. C15H12O. Synonyms. 9-Anthracenemethanol.

Product ID, Mn * 103 (g/mol), Mw/Mn, Comments.
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Experiment 56. Luminol. Experiment 57. Identification of Unknowns. Experiment 58. Preparation of a C-4 or C-5 Acetate Ester.

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CAS: 1468-95-7 MDL: MFCD00001264 Synonyms: Anthracene-9-methanol , 9-Anthrylmethanol Results: Based on Pearson's SHAB (Soft and Hard Acids and Bases) theory, we have first established that the Diels-Alder cyclo-addition of our benchmark reaction (anthracene-9-methanol and maleimide) is a process submitted to generalized acid-base catalysis and in a second step we have developed within the context of the Green Chemistry an original efficient catalyst i.e. the DMF.I2 complex 2004-03-15 · Trial Diels–Alder reactions were performed by heating oxazoline 2 in toluene at reflux for 2 h with maleic anhydride and N-methylmaleimide.Surprisingly, no reaction was observed with maleic anhydride, however some product (73%) was observed with N-methyl maleimide giving the addition adduct as a 50:50 mixture of diastereoisomers 9 and 10 as observed from the signals in the 1 H NMR spectrum ().

9-Hydroxymethylanthracene. 9 … 9-Anthracenemethanol 97%. 9-Anthracenemethanol. Formula: C₁₅H₁₂O. Boiling Pt: 371 °C (1013 hPa) Melting Pt: 160…165 °C. Density: 1.3 g/cm³ (20 °C) Storage Temperature: Ambient.